About Us



Pastor and Sis. McLeod came to Raymond in September of 2016 to plant a church for a community to whom God had given them a burden. Their mission was to start a church for people that were hurting, confused and frustrated with traditional church culture. Their desire was to provide an atmosphere that welcomed everyone regardless of their past or current condition. Truth Tabernacle of Raymond was established to be a haven of hope, healing and restoration for those in need. Pastor and Sis. McLeod believe in bringing the whole Gospel to the whole world. We invite you to visit us and consider making Truth Tabernacle of Raymond your church home. Come grow with us, because you belong here. 

Community Bible Study

We offer a weekly community Bible Study in a relaxed and casual environment.  We discuss Biblical questions and dive deep into the riches of God’s Word to discover the benefits of how applying his word to our lives truly makes the difference. 

In Home Bible Study

We also offer a one on one Bible Study in the comfort of your own home where you are free to ask questions and get the answers that you're searching for.